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EVOLVED MONEY SYSTEMS We help Central Banks provide the most advanced, accessible and safe digital fiat currency for all people.

Looking beyond just the needs of citizens and merchants, we aim to achieve the success of communities and nations as a whole. International impact. An inclusive financial world. Profound change. 

We started as a small team with a vision, coming together from various corners in the world of money. Our history in the early days of the era, the many waves of fintech, platform banking, digital currencies and enterprise blockchain forged our passion for using technology to improve people’s lives. Ultimately, it propelled us to who we are today—creators of the world’s first retail CBDC in production, the Sand Dollar.

We want to change livesSHAPING THE FUTURE OF MONEY

Our holistic approach and passion for technology means that we’re always forging innovative new systems that connect people and their money. Everyday people are at the heart of our work. Everything we do is founded on providing easy access to money so that everyone can have financial security and freedom.


Malavan Balanavaneethan Vice President Engineering

Coder. Architect. Guru. Cricketer.

Malavan is a master full-stack engineer and an expert in designing and implementing national and cross-border digital payments and settlement infrastructure. He brings several cycles of government infrastructure projects implementation and was formerly a lead member of the IBM Asia-Pacific Blockchain practice and the coding magician at the heart of the IBM World Wire project. Malavan led the development and deployment of three critical payment systems in Singapore, including GIRO, PayNow and FAST.

Jay JoeCo-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Engineer. Entrepreneur. Problem-solver. Marksman.

A technology entrepreneur with experience across a wide spectrum of industries, Jay has been at the forefront of innovation since Jay has successfully led multiple mandates solving complex problems in the areas of clean energy, transport, security and critical national infrastructure. He has pioneered ground breaking technology solutions for the public sector and spearheaded the implementation of the world’s first retail Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) in production, the Sand Dollar issued by the Central Bank of the Bahamas.

Vinay MohanCo-Founder, Chief Operating Officer

Builder. Philosopher. Intellectual. Culinarian.

Vinay is a management consultant with a track record of delivering transformative projects in financial services and the public sector. In a career marked by pivotal moments in the rise of platform-based financial services and enterprise blockchain technology, Vinay served in key delivery positions at Oracle and KPMG before founding the Asia-Pacific operations of ConsenSys. Vinay was a pioneering participant in the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) Project Ubin, as well as wider initiatives to build the Singapore blockchain ecosystem.

John KimCo-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel

Lawyer. Professor. Navigator. DJ.

A former partner at the global law firm Norton Rose Fulbright and a leader in the firm’s Fintech practice group, John is among the most experienced legal experts on digital currencies, digital assets and the application of blockchain and other Distributed Ledger Technologies. John led the team that won the Central Banking Publication Advisor Of The Year Award for Fintech and Digital Projects (2020). John also teaches at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Allard School of Law.


Stanley YongChief Product Officer

Central Banker. Economist. Technologist. Sailor.

Stanley is the former head of JP Morgan’s wholesale payments product design team for the Onyx business. He also served as Chief Technology Officer of IBM’s global blockchain for financial services, Global head of CBDC for IBM, and the co-Founder of Deloitte’s Southeast Asia Blockchain Centre of Excellence. Stanley spent a decade within Singapore’s central bank as an economist studying and formulating strategies for retail e-payments adoption, currency supply models, and directing the Office for Innovation Acceleration which incubated Project Ubin, and catalysed other fintech industry projects.


Ruby ChengSoftware Engineer and QA Manager

Engineer. Observer. Makeup Lover.

Ruby is a software engineer and QA manager who likes to break things. From an early age, Ruby showed a special aptitude for discord and carnage, all in service of a better understanding how things work. Her penchant for destruction had originally led her to study electrical engineering as a teenager, but she quickly found that endless hours of designing boards and soldering ruined her pretty nails. Finding that really, really unacceptable, Ruby tried her hand at programming and wrote her first “Hello Word!!” Visual Basic console application and never looked back. Today, she is happily breaking apart and reimagining code and is awesome at it. For Ruby, understanding how things break is the first step in making sure something will work and it is her singular focus on wreckage and mayhem that helps Movmint create the best solutions on Earth.

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