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oUR WORK We partner with Central Banks and Governments to build digital money infrastructure.

Where we startProven Solutions.

Ours is the world’s most advanced and longest running CBDC in production with zero system downtime. Our CBDC solution is built on a proprietary hybrid architecture. Proven secure, scalable and interoperable.

how we helpHolistic Adoption.

We bring an unparalleled depth of expertise and on the ground CBDC buildout experience beyond studies and papers. Our approach enables adoption vectors beyond just software.

What we createEnduring Ecosystems.

CBDC holds the promise to reshape economies. We are leading the way in how this promise can be delivered, with novel downstream use cases and business models powered by CBDC.

“First, do no harm”.
Our augmentative design approach considers existing financial institutions and allows seamless CBDC engagement with minimal disruption to regulation and commerce.

Billions are dependent on cash. Ironically money is most expensive to those who need it most. Our system ensures access to money is universal and never suffers for want of capital or infrastructure.

Engineered from the ground up, our solution is built around the needs and circumstances of everyday users so that technology adoption may lead to improved financial inclusion.

Our API-first design allows CBDC to seamlessly integrate with and support legacy applications, mobile wallets, electronic gateways, and financial service endpoints to improve adoption and build a cohesive ecosystem.

Our hardened platform ensures 24/7/365 operations with zero downtime, while our advanced ‘offline’ payment technology guarantees that CBDC is always available regardless of power, communications, or proximity.

Powerful control primitives using blockchain technology and end-to-end PKI help protect vital information and lend unparalleled levels of safety and trust to all users.

The Sand Dollar ProjectAs the digital version of the Bahamian dollar, Sand Dollar enables flexibility and accessibility for residents.

We created the first ever retail CBDC system in the world, the Sand Dollar of The Bahamas, modernizing the country’s capabilities for digital payments. Just like cash, Sand Dollar is legal tender and is issued by the Central Bank of the Bahamas. With increased speed, security, and efficiency in payments, Sand Dollar is pioneering the evolution of money.

  • Available to everyone
    With or without a smartphone
  • Available anytime
    Accessible 24/7, just like cash
  • Available anywhere
    In all communities